Why california is the worst state?

Due to high levels of debt, the state's S&P credit rating is the worst of all states, while its Moody's credit rating is the second worst. Much of California's fiscal problems are related to the economic downturn. The study found that California ranked near the bottom of almost all metrics and, overall, was found to be the 48th best state to live in. News & Based on World Report's Latest Best States Rankings.

The Golden State ranked 50th in quality of life for performing poorly in the natural and social environment categories. The report, released Tuesday, ranks states according to a healthy environment and a sense of community. It takes into account the urban air quality of each state, pollution and voter participation, among other measures. California ranked last for urban air quality and 45th for low pollution health risk, although it ranked 13th for drinking water quality.

The state also found itself second to last in voter participation, 44 in community participation and 38 in social support. Despite its beaches, redwoods and Hollywood glamour, the imperfections of the state are often highlighted.

Los Angeles

consistently leads as the most congested urban area in the world, and even its own citizens have tried to separate themselves several times. Texas, Illinois, Indiana and New Jersey completed the rest of the last five for quality of life.

The rankings and report are based on an index created by consulting firm McKinsey & Company, which surveyed more than 30,000 people. In the case of California, it can be argued that the “dispossessed” and the rent-seekers have overwhelmed the systems. And, the same “woke up” CEO of the same “woke up” that corporations would support the opening of borders, amnesty and mass immigration to flood the country with new Democratic voters that will make the entire United States like California. Only a relatively simple San Andreas event simultaneously and along the stretch between the Cajon and Tejon passes would almost completely and in the long term close the rail and road networks and water supply that serve Southern California.

In the case of California, this is what happens when the population grows without a commensurate growth in infrastructure and, at the same time, allows minorities—mostly incompetent with a low IQ and a collective chip on their shoulders—leftists and “inhabitants of the east coast” to run things. In a recent survey, up to 60% of Californians have admitted thinking about leaving the state or making plans to leave the state. Meanwhile, far-right Breitbart site focused on California's high cost of living and immigration rates, two metrics that did not take into account quality-of-life rankings. California is full of people who have seen how the world's fifth economy is in danger of falling, as it loses company after company in other states.

So Californians won't be surprised that our state is ranked 49th behind Hawaii in most affordable states. While the list is made up of quantifiable data, UCSD economist Joshua Graff Zivin says the study overlooks important and intangible aspects of life in California. Home ownership, rental prices, food and utilities have seen a sharp increase in California over the years. California has the highest taxes in the nation, one of the highest tax climates for businesses, and the latest Tax Foundation ranked California at No.

California's latest classification makes it clear that, at least in coastal metropolitan areas, everything is finally fracturing and has started to collapse as the productive classes go the other way. However, the “awake” CEOs of the “awake” corporations support the Democratic Party that wants to make the whole of America like California. .

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