Who's california's lieutenant governor?

Member of the Democratic Party, is the first woman elected to the position.


Governor's Ambassador Eleni Kounalakis. The lieutenant governor will have the same qualifications as the governor. The lieutenant governor is president of the Senate, but he has only one decisive vote.

The Lieutenant Governor of California is the second highest executive officer of the U.S. UU. The lieutenant governor is elected to serve a four-year term and can serve a maximum of two terms. In addition to basically ceremonial roles, serving as acting governor in the absence of the governor of California and as president of the California State Senate, the Lieutenant Governor sits on (or appoints representatives to) many of California's regulatory commissions and executive agencies.

The lieutenant governor is, after the governor, the highest-ranking executive officer in the state of California. The responsibilities of this independently elected office relate largely to constitutional duties, higher education, natural resources, economic development and miscellaneous functions. The California Constitution designates the lieutenant governor as president of the California State Senate and states that all powers of the governor rest with the lieutenant governor as long as the governor is not in the state of California, and the lieutenant governor often signs or vetoes legislation, or makes political appointments, every time the governor leaves the state. In practice, the lieutenant governor only presides over the Senate when the president requests it pro tempore or to cast a tie-break vote.

In addition, there is a gentlemen's agreement that the lieutenant governor should perform only superficial functions while the governor is out of state. This agreement was violated when Mike Curb was in office, as he signed several executive orders in disagreement with the Jerry Brown administration and appointed Armand Arabian as presiding judge of the California Courts of Appeal when Brown was out of state. Brown withdrew Arabian's appointment upon his return, naming Bernard S. In the 1979 In re Governance case, the Supreme Court of California upheld the lieutenant governor's right to perform his duties and assume all the governor's prerogatives while the governor is out of state, but that the governor generally has the right to rescind such actions upon his return.

The Lieutenant Governor is the only elected constitutional official in California who has an integral policy-making role in all matters of higher education, by virtue of his position on the Board of Regents of the University of California, the Board of Directors of California State University, the Board of Directors of California State University, Governors of the California Community College System and the Board of Directors of Calbright College. Along with the state controller and chief financial officer, the Lieutenant Governor is a member of the California State Land Commission, which manages 450,000 acres of state school land and an additional 4 million acres of public trust land consisting of the coast, the nearby coast and California beds of rivers , streams, lakes, bays, estuaries, inlets and natural navigable straits. The position of chairman of the State Land Commission alternates annually between the Lieutenant Governor and the State Controller; in those years when the Lieutenant Governor is Chairman of the State Land Commission, he is also a member of the Ocean Protection Council and a non-voting member of the California Coast Commission. The Lieutenant Governor chairs the Economic Development Commission, which is responsible for fostering economic growth in California by developing and implementing strategies to attract new business to the state, increase state exports, create new jobs, and stimulate industries across the state.

The commission is composed of persons appointed by the legislature and the governor and currently has no quorum needed to meet. Many California projects created through executive orders from the governor, or through the initiative process, include a role for the lieutenant governor. For example, the Lieutenant Governor is part of the Agriculture-Water Transition Task Force (created by Governor Gray Davis), and five of the twenty-nine members of the oversight committee of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor. Some academics and academics, such as Roger E.

Noll and Bruce Cain in Constitutional Reform in California have criticized constitutional positions such as the Lieutenant Governor because of their poor visibility among the electorate, which can make it difficult for the electorate to hold constitutional officials such as the Lieutenant Governor accountable for their actions. While the powers and responsibilities of the lieutenant governor of California are clearly less than those of the governor, the ability to make appointments and decisions on the boards of executive agencies does allow the lieutenant governor to make political decisions that, due to his separation or election, could well conflict with the governor's agenda. Therefore, it is argued, California could benefit if the governor and the lieutenant governor ran on the same list. The lieutenant governor would then be more likely to help the governor, who is subject to a higher degree of voter scrutiny, implement his policies, but that is unlikely.

Gov. Cruz Bustamante and Governor Gray Davis were both Democrats, reportedly having a cold relationship and hadn't spoken in months before California's 2003 recallable elections approached. Bustamante's decision to run for the recall election was controversial, as many supporters of Governor Davis had urged prominent Democrats not to run, in an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the event. Prior to her public service, Kounalakis was president of one of California's most respected housing development firms, AKT Development, where she worked for 18 years.

She built masterfully planned communities and delivered quality housing to working families in the Sacramento region, recognizing her as one of the most prominent businesswomen in the capital region. Passionate about early childhood development, Kounalakis was a member of California's First 5 Commission and the California Blue Ribbon Commission on Autism. Contributions to this committee are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Despite being the second highest ranking office in California, the Lieutenant Governor has no real responsibility or power to represent the governor on issues such as trade negotiations or a legislative agenda (i).

California has had 41 lieutenant governors and five acting lieutenant governors since achieving statehood in 1850. The Lieutenant Governor of California is an elected constitutional official, the second ranking official in the executive branch and the first person in line to succeed the governor of California. The state of California is looking for a second in command from the governor, who doesn't care about light duties and generally staying out of the way. The Lieutenant Governor is a member of the California State Land Commission and alternates years as president with the Comptroller of the State of California.

Governor, Kounalakis is the California Representative for International Affairs and Trade, appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom by Executive Order. In addition to ceremonial roles, serving as acting governor in the absence of the governor and as president of the California State Senate, the Lieutenant Governor sits on or appoints representatives to many of California's regulatory commissions and executive agencies. California elects deputy governors on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in the midterm federal election years (e. The California Constitution refers to the lieutenant governor's office in Article V, the Executive.

Before accepting President Barack Obama's nomination as ambassador, Kounalakis was president of AKT Development Corporation, one of California's largest housing development firms, founded by her father. The vacancy procedure for the position of lieutenant governor is determined by the state statute and not by the constitution of the state. . .

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